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As disaster and security management experts, we understand there is not one shoe to fit every client’s needs. We listen to our clients establishing a team environment by stepping outside the box to evaluate current client standards and bring new views to discussion.

We focus on preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery from disaster and incidents causing operational disruption to your family or business.

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Natural and human-caused disasters impact people yearly. These events have the potential to cause catastrophic loss of life and physical destruction.

Prepper’s Pack LLC performs SWOT Analysis to identify strengths, weakness, opportunity and threat in collaboration with clients in the development, maintenance, management and training of their Emergency Actions Plans.

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One evacuation plan does not always fit every emergency. Our evacuation SWOT analysis evaluates 25 points to assist clients in building a process that is clear to understand for their family members or employees.

Leaving the Metro Station
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A majority of individuals and corporate leaders do not know where to begin to establish preparedness standards for most emergencies or incidents that will disrupt their business or personal operations. 

Prepper's Pack LLC customized comprehensive SWOT analysis to identify gaps within procedures in partnership with clients to develop, maintain, manage and train staff by implementing cost effective practices.   

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We provide a diverse field of specialized security consulting services including policy review, development, SWOT analysis, and expert witness opinion to private and government clients. 


We listen to our clients and prioritize the needs and wants of our client's in collaboration resulting in a tailored security program through a methodical process.  

Our clients industries include, personal security, hospitality, retail, security agencies, in-house security programs. 



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