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M. Kenneth Wake-CEO/Founder


  In 1992, Kenneth moved to Alaska from the Mid-West looking for adventure while continuing his career in the private security industry, providing armed security for corporations, VIPs, entertainment, maritime and the hospitality industry. He then expanded his skills as a volunteer firefighter, rescue diver, and search team member in several Alaskan communities. Kenneth has earned certifications under the FEMA Independent Study Program, Wildland Firefighter, Control Tactics Instructor, CPR, First Aid and more. 


  Kenneth is recognized as expert witness in security use of force and training procedures by the State of Alaska Court System. He has provided opinion for security training, use of force and policy development for government agencies, clients in the hospitality industry, entertainment industry and testimony for civil litigations. He has provided security training to over 100 security professionals in use of force, report writing, control & arrest tactics.

  Kenneth has coupled his security and risk management experience with his passion for the outdoors and experience of living and working in remote regions with limited resources. 

Memberships & Affiliations

David Mattison-Disaster Recovery & Project Manager

Daivd brings over 45 years experience in project management, residential and commercial construction that includes working in the Artic regions. David maintains an in-depth knowledge of current Alaska building codes, safety regulations and heavy equipment operations perfect for recovery effects.

In his free time he enjoys history, his dogs and volunteers for church security team.  


Jerimiah Grantham-Medical Support Staff 

Jerimiah brings over 25 years first responder EMT experience to the team. He has traveled to third world countries providing medical missionary services and training to EMS personnel in Ecuador, Guatemala, Russia, Mexico, Africa, and Indonesia.

Jerimiah volunteers as a first responder for his church and enjoys time with his cat, dog and girlfriend. 


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