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Control & Arrest Tactics

Security Control & Arrest Tactics Course has been developed specifically to meet the security industry needs for unarmed or armed security officers and provide them with the knowledge and skills to increase incident safety. 

Subject matter topics include but not limited to: 

  • Use of Force 

  • OODA Loop 

  • Case Study

  • Reactionary Gap

  • Mental & Physical Condition

  • Psychology of Violence & Aggression


This course provides techniques that are legally defensible and time tested for security and other first responder personnel to control physical encounters. 

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This course provides security officers with 20 techniques to respond to subjects' demonstrating passive aggression to active aggression behaviors by implementing verbal and physical control techniques.

Subject matter includes but not limited to these examples. 

  • Body Position & Stance

  • Movement

  • Reactionary Gap

  • Escort Controls

  • Grip & Choke Escapes

  • and more.

Course Length: 8 Hours

Cost: $149.99

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Coupling the concepts from Level I, Level II provides the security officer with additional techniques to increase safety to include weapon retention and multi-officer control techniques. 


Course Length: 8 Hours

Cost: $149.99

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