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IPTS entry Level Survival Course couples classroom lectures and adult learning theory of visual, practical, and audio techniques into a 4-hour educational program with the elective to attend a 24+ hour outdoor over night scenario based training exercise. Participants will learn skills necessary to increase survivability of a wide array of outdoor emergencies, in addition to teaching leadership, organization, and teamwork.


The field exercise allows participants to test their skills while being fully immersed in a rugged outdoor environment. Curriculum consist of training in the 7 elements of survival by means of lecture, coupled with field exercises and demonstration. Training will be diverse and intensive. Successful students will walk away with a greater sense of outdoor & emergency competence, and awareness of human perseverance.

FIELD EXCERCISE 8 Hours $199.99




We understand the lure of the Alaska environment. The beautiful landscape and terrain attract the most extreme enthusiast and outdoor novice. Alaska has many dangers, terrain, environment, and wildlife. Any adventure can quickly turn dangerous when not aware and prepared for the adventure.

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